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Top 5 Female House Music Vocalists in South Africa


If you want fresh, raw talent, you will find it in South Africa with women leading the race. These talented female vocalists have changed the house scene immensely. We have compiled a list of the top female house vocalists in South Africa and in no particular order, here they are:

  1.      Thiwe

Known to others as the first lady of Soulistic Music, Thiwe Mbola is a talented vocalist who’s worked with artists such as Black Coffee, DJ Ganyani, and Sai & Ribatone amongst others. She released her first debut album in 2007 under 999 Music and her big break came when Black Coffee released one of her songs ‘Crazy,’ which led to several other releases from renowned house music producers such as Charles Webster and Quintin Harris. Her powerful voice and nostalgic music makes her one of our top five female vocalists in the country.

2.      Busiswa aka Kalawa Chikita ( Busiswa Gqulo)

From DJ Zinhle’s ‘My name is’, Busiswa also known as the Kalawa Chikita, has established herself by making music that keeps everyone sweating on the dance floor such as ‘Ngoku’ and ‘Lahla’. Busiswa started her music career back in 2004 when she used to perform her poetry at corporate events, campus talent shows, festivals, and small poetry sessions and also hosted her own monthly poetry event at the Bat Centre in Durban. It is then that she met one of the DJs from UHURU and was later signed to Kalawa Jazzmee Records. What makes her one of the top female vocalists is that she is an enthusiastic performer and she has changed the dance music scene since her discovery.  She was included in the Mail and Guardian’s Top 200 Young South African and nominated in the Chanel O Africa Music Video Award.

 3.      Bucie (Busisiwe Nqwiliwo)

Bucie’s career peaked in 2007 when she collaborated with Black Coffee in the hit single ‘Turn Me On’ which was internationally recognised. This served only as the beginning for the ‘princess of house’. Like most artists, Bucie started singing at school and church with friends as well as in some art programs. She now stands as the co-owner of Demor Music. Bucie together with Black Coffee later released another hit song  ‘Superman’ which earned them duo nominations at the AMA, Metro FM Awards and also in at the 2011 Winter Music Conference Awards in Miami to mention a few.  Bucie recently won a SAMA award for Best Female Artist and her single ‘Easy to Love’ which was a major hit, peaked at number 9 on South Africa’s official music chart. Her beautiful and angelic voice has made her recognised both locally and internationally.

4. Xoli M

Xoli M is not only a singer but also a song writer. Her rise to fame began with the She hit track ‘Set Me Free’on which she was featured by Black Motion. She was recently signed to  Strong Entertainment. Xoli M has worked with other renowned artists such as DJ Qness, Mckenzie and international producers such as DJ Sylivi and DJ Malvado. ‘Rainbow’, the recent single on which she was featured on with Black Motion was nominated as Song of the Year in the 14th Metro FM Awards 2015.

5. Thandi Draai

She used music as her escape to reality little did she know she will one day be recognised for it. Thandi Draai started off her music career as a little girl. Apart from working with some big names such as Da Capo, Culoe De Song and DJ Shimza to mention a few, Thandi Draai has established herself  as a talented and hardworking vocalist and a rising DJ and producer. Her work has also been remixed by renowned DJs such as Atjazz, DJ Shimza, Andyboi and many more. What makes her one of the top female vocalist is the fact that she does not limit herself to one genre of music. She is always willing to try new things and grow herself as an artist. There’s no denying that this young woman is one of the most formidable female vocalists in the house music industry.

Even though house music is a male dominated industry, women have managed to make a way by changing the house music scene with their talented contribution of their beautiful voices and skills. The above mentioned women, in no particular order have really reached down to elements that define house music by using their talents and this is what makes them the top 5 female house music vocalists.