Culoe De Song Performs at Mixmag’s World DJ Sessions

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The world was watching on Tuesday 18 November as one of our own, DJ Culoe De Song, played at Mixmag’s World DJ Session at Era Club in Cape Town. The event was the first to a series of eight worldwide events that will feature some of the hottest international starts and the hottest local talents, all live streamed on YouTube.

In his signature hat and glasses, Culoe De Song undoubtedly showed the world his much appreciated talent. His set was influenced more by techno, deep house and electro. We always appreciate the versatility that Culoe De Song exudes with his ability to appeal to any crowd. That is exactly what sets him apart from other DJs.

Although it was disappointing that technical difficulties affected live streaming of the show in the first few minutes of the show, it was all worth waiting for until everything was fixed.  Nothing pleased us as much as Culoe taking the audience into memory lane by playing hits like ‘The Bright Forest’ and ‘Webaba’ amongst others.

Heidi, a DJ based in London who was the international act that played at the DJ Session as well graced the crowd with some techno house. Heidi is one of the most well-known female DJs globally and she’s been in the industry for ten years.

Watch Culoe De Song’s performance here: