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Which Song Will Stand At No.1 As We Crossover to 2015?


As the year draws to an end, we can only wonder who is going to take the crown when it comes to the song of the year. It is common that when the clock hits midnight on New Year, most of us are listening to our favourite radio stations anxiously waiting to find out which song made it number one.


Throughout the years, house music has always dominated the charts but what makes it even more interesting is that this time around the playing field has become more competitive with the popularity of SA Hip Hop. As much as SA Hip Hop has become mainstream, truth is there is no genre of music that could surpass the magnitude of house music in SA. However, with what has been one of the most progressive years when it comes to SA Hip Hop, one can’t help but think that perhaps for the first time in the history of South African music, we might have a hip hop jam as the crossover song. However, this is not to say that house music has not been on point in 2014. In fact, this year house music has even seen new young blood come out to join the big forces in the big leagues. But with songs such as Doc Shebeleza or Caracara which have been blazing radio stations and our television sets, can you blame one for thinking such?

We can only wait and see what is going to happen.  The following is a list of hits in previous years that we crossed the year over with. Just a disclaimer though, we didn’t compile this list. We found it circulating on social networks but if our memory really serves us well, it is highly accurate. If you have a close look, since 2006 all the crossover songs have been house and (Durban) Kwaito jams. So which song do you think is going to take it this year?



1997: Mdu- Mazola
1998: Brenda Fassie- Vulindlela
1999: Dj Walker- Shisa Mpama
2000: Mandoza- Nkalakatha
2001: Zola- Mdlwembe
2002: Mafikizolo- WeButi
2003: Mzekezeke- Akekho Ugogo
2004: Malaika- Destiny
2005: Malaika- 2bhobho
2006: Dj Sbu- Remember when it Rains
2007: Dj Cleo- Sisi Nghamba Nawe
2008: Dj Cleo- Hands Up
2009: Big Nuz- Umlilo
2010: Professor- Jezebel
2011: Big Nuz- Serious
2012: Dj Tira ft BigNuz and Joocy- Summertime
2013: Uhuru- Ytjukutja
2014: .................?