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Brothers In Music: Interview With Infinite Boys

By Vincent Ramatsebe

Out of a very small township in the east of Johannesburg- South Africa, came forth an unstoppable pair of brothers; Anthony & Raphael Mabaso otherwise known to house music lovers as Infinite Boys. Having been in the industry for more than a decade, the duo has kept us dancing with their numerous hits. We sat down with them to find out more about who they are and also how they have maintained their standard in the music industry throughout the years.

  1. You guys have been producing music for more than 10 years now. What exactly inspired you to start and who were your influences when you started?

Infinite Boys: Growing up we always had passion for music. Seeing people smiling and dancing to someone else's musical works is what inspired us to start this musical career and DJs like Oskido, Revolution, Fistaz Maxwell, Louie Vega had a huge influence on us back then when we started.

2. We also know you're blood related brothers. How did the name ‘Infinite Boys’ come about?

Infinite Boys: We chose the name ‘Infinite’ simply because our love, passion and respect for our music is endless.

3. What do you personally consider to be the biggest moments in your musical journey so far?

Infinite Boys: Our biggest moments in our musical career was when we were signed under Kalawa Jazmee

Working with such a big label in South Africa has been quite an experience, it has opened lot of doors for us in the music industry and also uplifted our brand to another level.

5. We know you for your consistency, dating back from the late 2000's with tracks such as ‘Hi Nyikeni’, ‘Machangu’, ‘Unthando Lwethu’, ‘Round & Round’...the list goes on. How do you do you maintain consistency with your music?

Infinite Boys: Hard work and God's grace...each and every year we sit down and do our research on what’s in and what’s played out [there] and we strategise on what the market mostly loves and believes in.

 6. You're one of the few duos we know that has never separated, what keeps your  partnership so strong?

Infinite Boys: Respect, discipline and the love we have for one other.

7. What would you say are the main challenges that you encounter as deejays?

Infinite Boys: Piracy and getting our music playlisted internationally.

8. What is it about DJing, compared to say, producing your own music, that makes it interesting for you?

Infinite Boys: What’s interesting about DJing is that you get express yourself through entertaining live at the same time [while] interacting with your audience and get to read their minds on what they want to dance to 

9. Do you see yourselves producing for the rest of your lives?

Infinite Boys: Yes!!!

10. What is the next for Infinite Boys? We busy preparing for 'Go Down Low' music video, also discussing dates for 2nd single...We might release before the end of this year.

Listen to 'Go Down Low' below: