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5 Things To Keep In Mind As You Approach Club Managers or Promoters For Gigs

By Vusi Nxabela
Given that the festive season is here and it serves as a busy time for most DJs and performers, we thought we should give upcoming musicians five tips on how to leave a lasting impression not just with club managers and event promoters, but the audience as well.
1. First things first- always look presentable. Remember that you are not only representing the club but your brand as a DJ/musician as well. Some high end clubs prefer classy attires and others just like to keep it simple. Whatever dressing code is required, dressing well will serve a good and positive image for you. After all, they say first impressions always last!
2. Present necessary music profile documents to your name and also what you have accomplished with your brand previously. If its your first time make sure that you bring your mixtape or tracks that you have done as an artist- just to give them a taste of what you are capable of.
3. Know your market, we cannot stress this enough! If you are a deep house DJ you are obviously not going to approach a club that only plays commercial music. In most instances, the manager will tell you what type of music they play at their club venue and that should give you an idea of how to go about compiling your set and who exactly your audience will be.
4. When you have been booked for a gig, make certain that you do advertise on social media about where you will be playing. People that know you will most likely be the first ones to support you in this case. In this way, it helps bring a certain amount of hype or buzz about your gig through your mutual friends. Don't also forget that social media is a powerful medium that you can use to build a loyal fan base, provided that you have a clear goal of what is it exactly that you want to achieve with your brand as a DJ/musician and how you are going to go about achieving that.
5. Finally, do what you do best and make sure that at the end of the day, you leave them wanting for more! Also, you still need to get paid for your services. Depending on how you prefer your payment processes to be done (whether a deposit before your performance or full amount after performing), either way the Club manager or promoter must pay you on time. Most times it helps to have someone on your team that manages such responsibilities so that the only thing you have to worry about is delivering good music to the masses.
Remember that club owners and/or promoters need to see that you are adding value to their club by bringing supporters. So always be on your best game when it comes to your performance!