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DJ Simtronic: A Rising Star


DJ Simtronic is one DJ whose name you just have to remember because this young man is set to be the next biggest thing in SA. Like many upcoming DJs around the country, Simtronic is working himself to the bone to build his brand. 


We meet him on a rainy Saturday morning at Cappello in Hatfield and the first thing one picks up about him is his smile, confidence and his laughter. Throughout our conversation, we notice that he’s the kind of person who knows exactly what he wants. We get into a deep conversation about the difference the local and international club scene, money and art when it comes to music, the value of education etc. Through that we learn how he is such an outspoken guy, articulately expressing his views. 

Born in Swaziland, 21 year old Simphiwe Gama came to South Africa in 2007 and it was in 2010 that he started to learn how to DJ. Little did he know that two years down the line he would win a campus DJ competition and quit a BSc degree at the University of Pretoria to pursue his dream of music. Fast forward to 2014, Simtronic has become one of the most promising young DJs in the house scene. One can instantly see the passion and excitement in his eyes when he talks about what he does.

When he speaks of the things that he has achieved in the last two years, we are almost in awe as it was only in 2012 when this young man started DJing professionally. He has played alongside the likes of DJ Fresh, Euphonik, Culoe De Song, Da Capo and many more. He is quite well-known in Pretoria where he started out. His versatility in music has allowed him to play for a variety of dance music lovers, successfully making him penetrate both into the house and electro club scene. Presently based in Joburg, Simtronic is slowly making a name for himself in the City of Gold.

His lively and energetic stage presence is what sets him apart. Currently a Media and Broadcasting student, the enthusiastic Simtronic says that he chose this career path  because he’s learning the background of everything that he’s going to get into.  Simtronic is currently the executive producer of The Bosso Showdown, a talent show that teaches people how to perform and consists of talented vocalists, dancers and poets. We asked him a couple of questions to get to know this young man better:


What’s your favourite part about being a DJ?

Every time I go out [to play], I never know what to expect. That is the most exciting thing because you never know what you are gonna to find.

What do you think makes you different from other DJs?

I’m amazing [Laughs]. If I didn’t turn up to my own sh*t, I’d be a hypocrite. I think if I didn’t believe that what I’m doing is the best, I’d be lying. I can’t convince you to like me if I don’t like what I’m doing myself. It’s also the fact that I’m energetic, I play and dance.

Tell us about your single ‘Wonderland’.

I wanted to make something new. I feel like in South Africa we localize our music too much. When I made Wonderland I wanted to make a song that is South African but can reach a much bigger audience. I produced, wrote ad came up with the whole melody of Wonderland.

Which producers or DJs do you look up to?

Right now it has to be Lulo Cafѐ, Chymamusique and Euphonik. I respect Euphonik for his brand, he’s probably the biggest DJ in South Africa. His brand is the biggest.

Do you think it is important for young aspiring DJs to value education?

When you are at school you are more advantaged because you know better. At the end of the day it depends what you are a DJ for. For a person who wants to get into DJing full time as a career, you want to educate yourself in one thing or another. Learn the industry that you’re getting into.

What would you say are some of the challenges you come across as a DJ?

When you are not given a chance based on how big or small you are.

What keeps you motivated?

I’m personally self-inspired. What inspires me is that two years ago my mom was paying for my rent, my mom was paying for my car, my mom [was paying] for whatever. Two years later I’m paying for her car. I’m always challenging myself if I can be better than last night, if I can be better than what I was before.

“I’ll never compromise art for money”

                                                  -DJ Simtronic


Are you working on any project right now? Can we expect more singles or perhaps an album?

My biggest project right now is The Bosso Showdown. Yes, you can expect a lot of singles. Right now I’m in the studio with Makhush, he’s an American RNB artist. He toured with Backstreet boys last year and he has a track out with Soulja Boy. He’s an RnB artist that is trying to break into the international market like I am. Expect an EP of about ten songs and it’s going to be free. I don’t think I’ve given people enough music to buy into it. It’s not about money, it’s about the quality of the product.