Artist Profile: VEEKAY

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Tell us about yourself. Who is Veekay?

Veekay is a 27 year old vocalist, music producer, songwriter, performer and founder of Hypnotic Melodies Entertainment(Pty)Ltd from the City of Stars Mahikeng in the North West Province.


When did you start producing house music?

I fell in love with house music in 2005 but only started producing it in 2007.

How would you describe your sound?

My music is a mixture of tribal and deep house with electro elements mixed with soulful vocals. I created a sound which commercial and deep house music lovers can enjoy, I didn't want to be one dimensional.

Tell us about your new album I Am Music.

I Am Music is a 14 track vocal house album which was released on the 11th November 2014 under my label Hypnotic Melodies Entertainment. I produced, wrote and did vocals on each track on the album. I just wanted to make people dance while spreading the message of love as that is something the world needs right now and there are inspirational tracks in the album which are sure to inspire people to never stop working hard and believing in their dreams.

On the album, not only did you produce every track, you also sang on the vocals. Having to write different lyrics to every song, did that come easily to you?

I won't lie it's not easy but I believe the passion I have for my music is what makes it less difficult for me because I believe in creating timeless music and giving people good music all the time, telling stories which people can relate to.

Tell us about entertainment company ‘Hypnotic Melodies Entertainment’.

I started Hypnotic Melodies Entertainment in February 2013, after being rejected many times by major companies Instead of giving up I went back to the drawing board and started my own company. It has 5 departments under it namely: Recording label, Publishing, Production, Events Management And Artist Management.

How have people received your music?

Very well I must say and I'm truly humbled by the support I'm receiving right now, my fan base is growing everyday and that makes me very happy as it shows the people love what they are hearing.

Besides music, is there anything else that you do?

I have a charity campaign I do every year in my hometown called THE VEEKAY ONE HEART ONE LOVE CHARITY CAMPAIGN where I collect clothes, books, toys and donate them to the less privileged children around Mahikeng. To date we have managed to donate to over 200 children

How do you market yourself as an artist?

I mainly use social media to promote myself and my music as it's the easiest way to reach many people at once and in different parts of the world, I also connect with people via music websites like, and Each website has over a million users so it's easy to get my music noticed through their music charts as people take notice once you reach a certain position on the charts. I also use interviews (radio, print media and blogs) to grow my brand, doing many collaborations also plays a major role in marketing myself as an artist.

What drives you in life?

My constant hunger for success and my desire to change the world using my music is what drives me in life, there's nothing that makes me happy than hearing someone tell me how a certain song I did changed his or her life in a certain way.

Who do you wish to work with in the music industry and is there anyone you look up to?

I dream of working with Oskido, Ralf Gum, Harrison Crump, Black Motion, Black Coffee, Dj Sbu and Zonke Dikana as these are the people I look up to in the industry.

Where do you plan to see yourself in the next two to three years?

I see myself as one of the top musicians and entrepreneurs in South Africa, family is very important to me too so I'd like to settle down and start my own family too.


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