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Get Ready For Treasure Lenyora's One Man Show!

DJ Treasure Lenyora is a talented, up and coming DJ from Lebowakgomo. He currently has his second annual One Man Show coming up and The Set Caught up with him to talk about the event. 


Who is DJ Treasure Lenyora?

Behind the stage name Treasure Lenyora lies a very young man by the name Makaswana Treasure Tema who was born at Dithabaneng village in Limpopo. I grew up in an agricultural family and led a very traditional upbringing. Along my journey of life I then fell in love with music, with all the inspiration from my uncle and father. I pulled a few strings on some of the well known Dj’s and then finally got the chance to play music at a few reputable events.


When did you start DJing and why did you choose to be a DJ?

After completing  my middle school I then moved to Gauteng to further my studies then I met a few Dj’s which I looked at as my competitors but as time went by I then looked up to them as my role models  and mentors because I was the youngest amongst them. With time I got my way into the industry and as a reward for my hard work I was introduced to a few record stores and then I started rocking dance floors in a short period of time. All in all it results to a full 6 years journey in my music career up to this day.

Do you also produce music?

Yes I do, I produced a track with ‘That Boy Dee’ called ‘BE THERE’ which we will be performing at the One Man Show

Is there anything else you do besides music?

 I am currently studying towards the completion of my Diploma in Eco Tourism. With that in mind the brand is looking forward to promoting local music by means of CD compilations, promotions and giving a hand to those in need.

Tell us about your upcoming One Man Show (OMS) at the Lebowakgomo Stadium on 27 December?

I will be serving the audience with my talent, blends of music with a touch of orchestra and a bliss of live elements.

What inspired the idea of having your own One Man Show?

I played outside my hood most of the time. We felt that with the support we have at home we had to do something special just for my hood, so we came up with this One Man Show.

Which artists will also be performing at your show?

 T.P.A, That Boy Dee  and Lyrik Shoxen

This is your second annual OMS, how will it be different from the previous one?

This year we added live artists performing while I play, together with an 8 piece orchestra.

Is the OMS going to be consecutive thing from now on?


Where do you hope to see your One Man Show as time progresses?

I want to see it grow bigger and better with people all over the world talking about it.

You’ve been playing a lot in Pretoria, how has his helped strengthen your brand?

 I had the opportunity to share spaces and skills with some of the most prominent names in the country and abroad. I was blessed to see myself sharing stages with the likes of Vinny Da Vinci, Silly Bean, Malankane, Vick Lavender, Alton Miller, Miggs, Vice, Mr O, TPA, Dv-que, Deepforest. I still have a wish though to work with DJ Rocco, Robert Owens and Arnold Jarvis.

Where do you plan to see yourself in the next few years to come?

Looking at the future there are a few short and long term goals to be achieved under the brand itself. Unfortunately it won’t be said at this point but I have a promise to my people that it won’t be long till you get updates from me regarding my next project. Keep your ears on the ground.